goodreads challenge 1/20📚

I’m so happy but so sad to say I have finished my first book for my good reads challenge, I can honestly say it was the hardest book I’ve ever read.

Those lovers of true crime out there need to read this book, i highly recommend! I rated it 5/5 on goodreads as it was truly amazing.

This book made me angry because this is happening in society today and there is nothing we can do. We need to save these vulnerable children before terrible things happen to them! I cried when reading the graphic abuse Anna suffered, the book goes into great detail about the abuse she encountered. I was honestly scared, scared of the society we live in and scared of how oblivious we all are, the police, medical staff and social services. It gave me even more motivation to finish my university degree and hopefully pursue a career helping children and young people. It is definitely worth a read, I highly recommend📚

It is a true story about a 15 year old girl who’s background is full of neglect and abuse. She is young and naive and accepts an invitation into a Pakistanis house and is held as a prisoner for 13 years. The abuse she receives is in great detail, she is repeatedly falling pregnant and is forced to sign over her legal rights as a mother. She was continuously raped, beaten, tortured, used as a prostitute for other Pakistani men and the world had no idea what was happening inside of that home. A true heartbreaking story.

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Hi everyone,

My name is Luce, I absolutely love reading and I’ve been wanting to start a book blog for so long and I’ve finally had the courage to do so.

I will be updating you all with my recent reads, my goodreads challenge and personal things such as student life and life in general.

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